10 best android launcher Apps of 2018 (Free and Paid)

Android launchers have become a must have application on every smartphone today. Most people buy phones and after making the purchase they discover that the phone’s home screen is not as awesome as they had expected. So what do they do?

Answer: They look for the best android launcher apps.

You cannot dump a phone you bought simply because the home screen’s themes, appearance and layout does not match your taste. So thanks to developers, what you simply do is head on to Play store for those using android devices and search for the android launcher that matches your taste or that gives you the appearances and layout you desire.

You might see a lot of awesome launchers on play store and then you become confused on which is best to download, well that is why i came up with this list of top 10 android launchers both free and paid versions that you can find on the android play store app.

Here are the Apps;

ADW Launcher 2:

As of earlier this year we all knew of ADW launcher before its update ADW launcher 2 was launched. Well the ADW launcher 2 is better than its previous versions. It has features such as launcher shortcuts, extensions, make your widget abilities and a whole lot of awesome features. It has a free version and the paid version also. But there is no much difference between the two.


EVIE Launcher:

Right from 2016 it has been on top list of best android launchers and it still remains on top till now. This launcher comes with a non-dock mode which enables the changing of grid sizes on home screen, it also comes with support for icon packs, widget customization. You should definitely check this launcher out. And it absolutely free.


ATOM Launcher:

This launcher came out early 2017 and it is making its presence known to the android users with its awesome features, this features include hidden dock with additional settings, icon pack support, gesture control and a whole lot of other features. It has a free version as well as a paid version. So try the free version first then you might decide to upgrade to the paid version after.



I so much like this launcher because it takes away that android feel in an android device and creates   a whole lot of windows features and that is exactly why it came into this list of best android launcher apps. I currently use it in my phone as of the time of writing this post. You can convert widgets into windows style like how they are on windows laptops, it has live tiles. It also has more features you would definitely enjoy. It is absolutely free but has a paid version too.



This is currently one of the most customize able launchers you can get on the play store app, and this makes it more flexible and much more awesome when compared to some other launchers. It has a light, easy to use and user friendly features. It also responds and supports java script control, meaning that you can do a lot of customization on it using JavaScript. It is an all paid for launcher meaning it has no free version, but it is definitely worth it.



This is one of the easiest to use launchers on play store. It is very simple and has simple customization and layouts, it has features which enables you to place your apps into categories and support notification. It is absolutely free to use.


ACTION Launcher:

You may not have known of the Action launcher but it is one of the best on play store, this gives any android device that high sense of android feeling. It has some features which no other launcher can offer. These launcher allows its users to customize the color of wallpapers, it has themes and customization features which makes your phone or any other android device look more aesthetic and also it has a configuration app drawer. It has a free and paid version, but to enjoy its full features you should definitely go for the pro version of it.


NOVA Launcher:

Nova launcher has always been a remarkable and totally awesome launcher even as far back as early 2016. It has a never ending list of customization features, themes and lot more. It has features which enables the user to backup and restore the device’s screen layout. It has a free and paid version.



Yahoo is unique in not only there mail services but in their ability to make smartphones to look better with their launchers. The Aviate launcher comes with features that auto-organizes apps into categories. It has other features such as smart stream, weather integration and other cool features. It is absolutely free.


TSF Launcher:

If you love totally free products, well you are at the right place because the TSF launcher is absolutely free. It is free but unique and awesome. It has features such as full gesture support, 3D animations, unending dock bar, widgets, and much more. For a free launcher, it totally awesome and simple to use and absolutely one of the best android launcher apps out there.



I really like all this apps mentioned above, but if I should advice you based on experience, then I would recommend the Nova Launcher app, this app gives you everything you want in a launcher.








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