12 Android Apps that drain your battery

What makes android devices interesting and fun to use, are the various applications which can easily be downloaded from play store ,but running this applications especially the ones that have high memory capacity comes with its own disadvantages and one of these disadvantages is fast battery draining.

Most of these apps run even without the knowledge of the android device user and these apps are mostly soft wares that came in-built in the device.


The 15 Apps that drain your android device battery;


1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, and it comes with a high memory capacity which makes it a very heavy application.

For Facebook and messenger to work precisely, they need to run different background checks on your device and also requires a lot of permissions to function well, and all this cumbersome tasks makes your device’s battery to drain faster.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best social media network in the world. If you have a snapchat application on your android device, then that means your snapchat account has a lot of images and videos files, and the snapchat app also runs many background checks, updates and requires various permissions and this all makes your android battery to drain very fast.

3. Google Maps

If you are an android device user, then the google map application is definitely one of the reasons why your device’s battery cannot last long. Google maps works even without internet connection and performs various functions every day and all this tasks it performs makes it easy for I to drain your phone’s battery.

4. WhatsApp

After WhatsApp was bought by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, many additional functionalities was added to this application, and this all made its memory capacity higher and thereby increasing its battery consumption rate.

5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger works hand-in-hand with the Facebook app and this means that a lot of data are exchanged between the two applications. Also the Facebook messenger application has the ability to interact with bots nd all this functions consume your internet data, battery life and also makes your device to be slow.

6. Instagram

Instagram is the home of celebrities, and all those who like to snap, post, and share images, videos would only end up occupying there memory space with all these media files and these all reduces your device’s performance and consumes battery.

7. BBM

Black berry messenger was at first available to only black berry devices, but after it was made compatible to android, many functionalities was added to it and this increased its memory capacity. Constant use of BBM can easily drain your device’s battery and also reduce your device’s performance rate.

8. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and second largest search engine after google. With the many video on YouTube and with you constantly watching this videos, it could easily drain your battery an also make your device slower.

9. Musical.ly

This app may not be all that popular, but if you have it on your device then it is one of the application running your battery down. This app allows video recording and constant use of this app would only end up running your battery down.


10. Google Mail App

For some people who receive a lot of emails every day to their android device using the Gmail app, it can really be a disadvantage to your device’s battery, because the more this emails come, the more they occupy the  storage space and this could easily drain your device’s battery.

 11. Amazon Shopping App

The amazon shopping application is known for its countless notifications of new deals each day and when this notifications continue to accumulate on your device, your device performance will become slower and its battery would be running down faster than it is meant to.

12. News Apps

There is no way we can finish this list without mentioning news apps such as naij.com, BBC and other popular news apps. News apps are one of the main causes of android device’s battery draining faster, if you have many news app then removing some of them is advisable



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