13 Types of blog posts to embed videos to, so as to drive more traffic to your blog

When it comes to blogging, you just don’t wake up one morning and start writing whatsoever that comes to your mind on your blog and at the end of the day you call it a blog post.

Blogging is all about bringing out a particular area or niche which you know very well and working hard to be an authority in that particular niche by providing helpful, unique and well researched contents to your readers and this is what brings about types or niches of blogging.


What is a blog niche?

All athletes in the world do not play the same sport, some are into soccer, others are into basketball and so on and this are all called niches or types of sport.

As a blogger, you should not write on everything rather you should channel your posts down to a particular type or niche.

For example, am a tech blogger but if am the kind of blogger that writes on everything, people would not know my blog for any particular topic or niche and this would end up discouraging them from coming to my blog because they won’t have any particular thing to expect.


Since you now know what blog niches or blog types are, I would now go ahead to the topic of the day.


The main aim of every blogger after creating an article or a post is to get tons of views and traffic for that particular post or content, and one of the best ways to do this is by using videos.


Why you should embed videos to your blog posts


Attention Retention

Embedding videos to your blog post is very important because it draws the attention of your audience more into the post. When a reader watches a video of that article on your post before reading the written article, if he or she does not understand everything, what he or she will now do is to read the full blog post and these thereby keeps there attention to your blog post.


It makes your audience know you more

When you create an about page on your website, people would only know you through those written text, but once you start making videos in which you talk in front of a camera, your website audience will know you more and this will make them trust your website since they have seen the face of the person who manages it and the more they come back the more your relationship with your blog audience grows and the more traffic you get.


It makes your audience to understand your post more

When you write a blog post, you may not put every detail on the post, but by making a video of those points you missed in the article, the readers will understand it more and keep on coming back to your website.


Types of blog posts to embed videos to

It is not every blog post that requires a video, but here is a list of the types of blog posts that requires a video because not only will the videos drive more traffic to your site but it would also help your audience understand your posts more and make your blog their favorite.


How To and Tutorial blog posts

Any blog post which is on how to do anything requires a video. This is because when you teach or show the procedures of how to carry out that action with written words only, people would not fully understand the whole step and some readers may find it boring, but when you make an interesting video of how to perform that action, your readers will now have to choose between reading the post and watching the video, and once they see that the video was detailed and interesting they would always visit your blog.

Top List blog posts

People enjoy reading top ten or top five list of different topics, but when they find out that there is an interesting video of that article nearby they enjoy it more.


DIY (Do It Yourself) blog posts

From the name (Do It Yourself) you have to demonstrate how you do it, so that your blog post readers can learn more from you and not just from the blog post.


Review blog posts

If you go to YouTube, you will find a lot of videos on product, video, and movie reviews and this videos get tons of traffic, so if you can embed a video to a review post, people would enjoy it more


Controversial/Opinion blog post

When you are voicing out your opinion, you do not need to hide behind a pen, instead you face a camera and this will make your post readers enjoy your talks or posts more.



Interviews are better done in front of a camera and not with a pen, so creating interview blog posts with videos attached to it will increase your audience interest in your blog posts, because they love seeing the person being interviewed.


Discussion blog post

The best ways to make a discussion interesting is through the use of videos.

If you check it out, discussion videos on YouTube gets more views and reactions than discussion blog post, so it is advisable to embed videos to your discussion posts.


Motivational/Inspirational blog posts

When people are down, depressed or frustrated, they need to see a person to motivate them. So once they visit a website and see only written words, they do not feel satisfied, but the ones with videos encourages them more and solves there problems.


Advice blog posts

When people need advices, they need a person to tell it to them and not a blog post to advise them and that is why it is always good to embed videos to your advice posts, because it would retain people’s attention.


Funny blog posts

You can never compare written funny blog posts to comedy videos in terms of traffic, so that why you should always reproduce that funny post into a video and embed it with the blog post.


Other additional blog post which requires videos are;

  • Episodic blog posts
  • Case study blog posts
  • Comparison blog posts




The question you would be asking yourself now is where can i get the videos or should I make them by myself?

You can make the videos by yourself and if you cannot make them, you simply copy the video’s embed code to your blog post.

Mind you, it is not a crime to embed someone else’s video to your blog post, because you would only be helping that individual or organization with more video views. Always make sure to embed only videos which are related to your blog post.


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