18 Free Google SEO Tools to Increase your Website Ranking

The two most important things to bloggers is how to write quality contents and how to be able to rank this contents high on search engines.

Most bloggers and content marketers spend hours trying to optimize their contents for higher search engine ranking using the wrong tools, and that is why at the end of the day their keywords still do not rank high.

This post is all about providing you with the detailed list of the necessary free SEO tools you need to start ranking high on Google for your keywords.


This list would be divided into two, which are;

  • Highly Recommend
  • Extra Useful Tools


Highly Recommended
 Extra Useful Tools



This are the tools which are very important for your blog to rank high on google.

Google Search Console

The google search console formerly known as webmaster tools is the most important tool on this list.

This tools allows you to index your website pages, identify crawling issues and broken links, it also allows you to test your robot.txt file or structured data.

It also offers additional functions which makes your website SEO friendly.


Google AdWords Keyword Planner

It is only a waste of time, if you would spend hours researching and writing good contents and then at the end nobody reads or searches for it.

To optimize your contents for search engine ranking, always use this tool to know the amount of traffic that content will get for its keyword.

Google Trends

Google trend is a very important tool, this is because it helps you to compare the amount of traffic between two different keywords.

With google trend you are able to determine whether the search traffic for a keyword is going up or if it is becoming lower.


Google Analytics

This tool gives you an insight into the amount of traffic which comes to your website, where they come from and it also displays popular search terms people use in coming to your website.


Google Page Speed Insight

The job of helping you check the speed and usability of your website is done by this tool.

All you have to do is enter your website URL and then it would display your website’s speed and user experience rating.



Ubersuggest’s main function is to help you with more keywords options or more related search terms.

Once you input a keyword, it would run a test and display additional related search terms which are mostly long tail keywords.


Google Consumer Surveys

For you to improve your website and make it better you have to ascertain the satisfaction level of your audience.

If the audience satisfaction rating is low, this means you should change certain things in your website, maybe the way you write your posts, but if it is high then continue with the good work.

The Google Consumer surveys is the perfect tool to help you determine the satisfaction level of your website’s audience.


Google Alerts

To write good contents which can be ranked high by google, you need to be able to know what people are already searching for and contents which are already indexed by google.

The google alert helps you with this function. After signing up, you would choose a topic or niche you want to be getting alerts on and once you finish setting it up, any article or content that is indexed by google would be sent to you via email.



This are tools which are not vital, but can also help you with certain functions



This tool has the same function as ubersuggest . It compiles a list of related search terms and displays them, mostly long tail keywords.



Google.com is a popular SEO tool, it works by auto filling keywords for you. One of the best way to source for keywords is by using this tool.


XML Sitemap

For search engines to rank your website high you have to create a site map which you will upload to google search console.

All you have to do is enter your website’s URL and other options and then a sitemap would be created which you would then upload to google search console.


Open Site Explorer

This tool’s main function is to help you know the most linked-to page on your site.


Quick Sprout Website Analyzer

This tool analyzes your website and displays scores for SEO optimization, keywords, social links, and website speed and also compares your keywords with your competition’s keywords.


Similar Web

Similar web is for viewing and comparing traffic between two websites, thereby enabling you to know your competition’s stats.


SEO Site Checkup

The best tool for auditing and checking for tags in your  website is the SEO site checkup.

It allows you to check for tag errors and make corrections where necessary.



Copyscape helps you find where else a blog content or post exists online. Once you find it, if it is well ranked on search engines, then observe how the post was composed and apply the same step steps to your own content.

Word stream

This tool offers thousands of keyword ideas from a database of unique searches.


Find Broken Links

Dead links are one of the reason why some blog contents are not ranked. This tool checks for dead internal and external links and highlights them for fixing.



Every tool which i listed here is very important, but it is up to you to choose the ones that work best for you. But my advice is that you work with the highly recommended ones first before using the extra tool.


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