20 Best Android health and Fitness Apps (2018)

A lot of people who use android devices still complain of having fitness problems such as cramps, strains and a whole lot of other problems and never ask themselves how they can be able to solve this little unfitness issues using their android devices.

Technology has not only made it easier for you and me to access helpful information online, but to also be able to solve most of our problems with our closest gadget which is our smartphone.

If you have ever experienced some fitness issues and you want to find solutions to these problems using your smart phone instead of visiting a hospital, then here is a list of 20 android apps that can do all the work for you in no time.

Here is the list;

1. HiFit

This app is one of the best apps for training and home workouts, it is for those who are too busy to go to the gym.

With this app, you get to watch comprehensive workout programs, detailed tracking diary, workout videos by professional trainers, and you can also be able to share your workout results with your family and friends on different social media platforms.


2. Motion Traxx

Here, you do not need to watch videos on how to work out, all you have to do is connect an earphone from your android device to your ear and perform all the instructions which you hear, as this is an audio fitness application.

It offers different free and paid fitness programs which include treadmill, indoor cycling, elliptical machine and many more exercises.


3. Nike+ run club

This application was developed by Nike. With this app you are able to get directions and instructions on how to run for a certain distance, you also get so many other benefits which include tracking and storing all your runs and records, personalized coaching plans, audio guided running workouts and the fun aspect of it is that you get to share your run result on social media and you also get to win trophies and badges to celebrate your achievements.


4. Endomondo

With over 10 million downloads on google playstore this fitness app speaks for itself. With this app you get better guides and instructions on runs, walks, rides and other fitness challenges.

It also allows you to track your running, walking, cycling, see duration of your workouts, and it also analyzes your workouts.


5. FitNotes

The FitNotes app helps you to get in shape by directing you on how to take control of your body and giving you directions and instructions on best ways to work out.

It allows you to navigate to a specific day for workouts using in-built calendar and also allows you to record your workout results.


6. Google Fit

As we all know google is almost into everything on the web, so them having a fitness app is no surprise.

The google fit app sets you up for fitness by allowing you to keep track of all your activities whether it is running, walking, cycling or other works, it also gives you an insight to your work out results.



Some people call this fitness app a revolutionary interaction transformation tool which allows you to keep your mind and body in shape through yoga workouts.

It gives you access to exclusive live streaming workouts, detailed and interactive fitness tracking and so much more.


8. FitSo

This app gives you a weight loss diet, running and workout plans with personal fitness coach.

It also allows you to track all your workout activities using the GPS Running Tracker.


9. Run Keeper

The run keeper app acts mainly as a performance tracker for runners. It allows you to track your works, set goals, and follow a plan and to stay motivated.


10. Runtastic

Runtastic is definitely one of the best fitness apps, it has features which will help you to achieve your fitness goals and boost your training.

It comes with a personal fitness tracker which allows you to track your daily workouts, it also has a voice coach, live tracking, cheering, motivation and power boosting features.


11. Argus

The job of counting calories, losing weight, tracking activities is best done with the Argus app.It sets up a personalized weight loss and heart rate monitor for you.


12. Pedometer

Pedometer allows you to access the proportionality of steps you have walked to the number of calories you have burned.

It also allows you to track your workouts, take up challenges and connect with exercise groups in your area.


13. FitnessBuilder

The FitnessBuilder app is one of the best fitness app on the google playstore, it allows you to create a free account and get access to over 300 workout programs.



14. Fitness & Bodybuilding

With this app, you are sure great fitness results within a short period of time. It provides text instructions with pictures for each exercise, video tutorials and ability to save and track your weight.

15. Gym Workouts & Fitness

 If you are a home trainer, then this app is for you, it has over 100 exercises and 9 workouts which include shoulder, back and cardio workouts.

16. Stronglifts 5X5 workouts

This is the simplest and most effective workout plan app. It provides you with a calendar to enable you schedule your weekly and monthly workout routines, time suggests for resting and it also allows you to record and keep track of your weight and workout results


17. Workout Trainer

This app provides you with a whole lot of workout programs with adjustable difficulty levels. It also provides workout trainers and coaches who instruct users through videos and text instruction.



Some people including me regard this app as the best fitness app, and this prompted me to put it on this list, it also boasts of over 5 million downloads on google playstore.

It allows you to plan your workouts, track your exercises and also has a lot of exercise and workout materials which includes videos from experts and text-based instructions.


19. Lose It!

This app helps you to lose as much weight as possible, and do not also forget that it has over 5 million download on the google playstore and therefore we can say that it is very popular.

With this app you can be able to keep records of foods you eat, it also allows you to set and maintain body measurement goals.


20. MySugr

MySugr is mainly for diabetic patients, because with this app they can be able to control their sugar level. It allows you to calculate your insulin level and also allows you to set up blood glucose reminders.



To choose all these apps I put a lot of facts in consideration which includes ratings by users, number of downloads and also my experience while using some, so if I should conclude then I should recommend my best pick.

From my researches, comparisons and experience with most of these listed apps, I will definitely say that the JEFIT fitness application is the number 1 here.







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