50 Blogging tools that will make your blog an authority in your niche

Every blogger’s main aim is to be an authority in his or her chosen niche, and to be able to achieve this aim you need to have the right and important set of tools.

I have not made use of all this tools, but I have been able to try out at least 40% of all the tools listed below, so they are all highly recommended.

The tools are as follows;

Blogging tools

  • WordPress: WordPress is the best blogging platform in the world with over 75 million websites hosted on it. So if you are looking for a good platform to host your blog, I recommend WordPress to you.
  • Blogger: When I started blogging back in 2015, I was using the blogger platform for my first website. To be honest, the main reason why I like blogger is because it is easier to use unlike WordPress, so you can also consider it.
  • Tumblr: Tumbler is mainly for bloggers who want to create and publish short contents, images or videos.


Web hosting

  • Bluehost: If you are using the WordPress blogging platform, then bluehost should be a very good website hosting service for you. Bluehost offers a lot of plans ranging from cheap to expensive ones which you can choose from depending on your budget.
  • Namecheap: Like its name implies, it offers a host of cheap plans which you cannot get elsewhere.I currently host this website on namecheap, and from my experience with them I can boldly recommend it to you and they also have a very good customer care service.
  • Hostgator: Hostgator hosts over 8 million domains and it is one of the best web hosting service. It has 24/7 customer care support and offers a host of good and affordable plans.


Site speed optimization tools

  • Pingdom: This is a website and performance monitoring company which is dedicated to making your website faster and more reliable. With pingdom you would know why your website is slow and it also allows you to rectify the problem so as to make your blog faster.
  • Perfmatters: This is a WordPress plugin which increases your website speed by reducing your site’s overall number of HTTP request page sizes.
  • WP Fastest Cache: This is the best cache plugin for WordPress users, it increases a site’s speed by creating a static html file from your WordPress blog.
  • WP Super Cache: This is a static caching plugin for wordpress, it works by generating html file that are served directly without processing heavy PHP scripts. The WP super cache is one of the best plugins for increasing your site’s speed.


Backup tools

  • Updraftplus: This is one of the simplest to use backup plugins for WordPress users. With this plugin you can easily backup your database and files into Dropbox, google drive, and FTP.
  • Duplicator: This wordpress backup plugin creates a duplicate of all your website database which includes plugins, themes, contents, and other files.
  • Backupbuddy: This plugin backs up your whole wordpress website and also provides an easy means of restoring your database and files from a backup.
  • Vaultpress: This plugin does not only provide a backup option but also a security scanning service.
  • BackWPup: This plugin allows you to backup your wordpress website’s database and files, and store them on external services such as Dropbox, FTP, S3 and many more external backup services.


Instant idea tools

  • Pen: As a blogger or a content writer you should never be without a pen, because a content idea might just op into your head at any time and you would have to write it down.
  • Paper: You would need a paper or a book to write your instant content ideas down.
  • Text editor: If you do not like carrying pen and papers around, then you can easily write down your content ideas on the text editor on your smartphone.


Statistics and traffic source tools

  • Jetpack by WordPress: This is a wordpress plugin developed by automatic, it comes with many powerful features, and one of them is the ability to show website traffic statistics.
  • Google analytics: This plugin enables you to track your website using google tracking codes and also allows you to view your website traffic statistics.


Grammatical error check tool

  • Grammarly: This tool is regarded as the most accurate online grammar checker. It improves your text, eliminate grammatical errors and most importantly detects plagiarism.
  • Hemingwayapp: This tool makes your write up clear and eliminates errors.


Keyword research and SEO tools

  • Google keyword planner: I personally love using this tool, it helps you analyze a keyword worth and search volume.
  • Ubersuggest: This gives you additional keyword ideas. All you have to do is input a keyword and more related will be displayed.
  • SEMRUSH: This tool helps you to find keyword serach volumes and keywords which are profitable.
  • Google webmaster tool: The webmaster tool allows you to easily index your website into the google search engine, it also allows you to track your website’s search performance.
  • Bing webmaster tool: This tool is similar to the google web master tool, but the only difference is that it indexes your website on Bing instead of google.
  • Yoast SEO plugin: This plugin allows all WordPress users to easily index their website contents on search engines.
  • keywordtool.io: This tool is similar to ubersuggest, it generates additional keyword ideas.


Blog ideas

  • Google trends: One of the best blog contents to write on are the ones which people are already searching for. So for you to see the latest information that people are searching for online, you will have to check them out on google trends.
  • Quora: This is a forum where people discuss on virtually every topic known, so you can easily get a blog idea to write on here.


Design/image tools

  • Canva: If you want to create a good looking and eye catchy graphic for your blog content, then canva is your best option.
  • Picmonkey: I have only used this tool twice, but I can boldly say that it is a very good tool for making good graphics.
  • Quotes cover: The quotes cover like its name implies is a tool for creating good quote designs.
  • Vidgif: This tool is for converting videos into GIF.
  • Shutterstock: If you need free royalty photos, then shutterstock is for you.
  • Pixabay: This is also one of the best site where you can download free images


Sharing and content marketing tools

  • Reddit: Forums are the best platforms to share blog contents to, this is because you can easily find your target audience here. I share my blog contents on reddit and I definitely recommend it to you.
  • Nairaland: This is the biggest forum in Africa, so sharing your contents here would mean a lot of traffic.
  • Facebook: As you already know the best social media platform to share contents on is Facebook, not only would it bring high traffic to your site but it would also help you build a very good relationship with your audience.
  • inbound.org: This is a community of content consumers, I advise you to always share your log contents here.
  • Twitter: Many marketing experts have always said that twitter is not a good marketing tool, but I would advise you to just try it out.


Monetization tool

  • Google adsense: The best way to monetize your website is with google adsense. Once your blog meets all there requirements then they would approve you.
  • media.net: This is a contextual Ad network which owned by Yahoo! and Bing, it is similar to google adsense.
  • Infolinks:This is also an advertisement network, with infolinks you can be making some amount of money monthly from your blog.


Affiliate marketing tools

  • ClickBank: This is one of the best affiliate program for bloggers and content creators.
  • Peerfly: This affiliate program is one of the best, because it is full of great offers.
  • ShareAsale: This is a very popular affiliate marketing program with great offers.
  • Avantlink: This is a cost-per-sale affiliate marketing platform for bloggers and professional content creators.
  • Commission factory: This is an Australian based affiliate marketing company which gives great offers to their marketers.

Now over to you

Researching and producing this post was a great task which am very happy that I accomplished, but this list does not contain all the tools, so if you know of any more tools which you have used, make sure to let me know in the comment section so that I would add it to this post when next I update it.












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