7 awesome Banks to receive your Google Adsense payments and perform your online transactions in Nigeria

Best Banks for Adsense in Nigeria

Every Nigerian blogger and online business person always wants to have the best conditions of payment, especially with the current recession. So this prompted me to come up with this post.

Banking in Nigeria can be said to be sometimes in good conditions and sometimes bad also, and this is due to the stiff policies of certain banks, for example, Diamond bank recently blocked its credit/debit card from being used for online purchases.

Just last month, i was about to create a paypal account with my diamond visa debit card, because i thought that diamond bank was one of the best in the country when it comes to online transaction but it dawned on me that i was mistaken in my assessment of them. To my surprise the diamond Visa card which i was about to use for the PayPal account was instantly rejected. I went to the bank the next day to complain but i was then told that it was there new policy, i simply sighed and walked out of the bank.

After that incident, i told myself that i must find out the best banks for online transactions and rank them here on techmanny.com, so that my fellow online business people will know.


7. Diamond Bank

People will be asking, why did i put diamond bank of all banks at number 7?, well i put it there because that is where it is meant to be. If you want to use it to receive Adsense payments then good for you, this is because it works just fine when receiving money from international banks, but messes up when customers want to buy things from international companies such as web hosting companies.  I currently have a diamond bank account and i highly admire and commend there services and quick responses for local transactions.

In case you do not know the Diamond bank SWIFT-BIC-CODE, it is ‘DBLNNGLA’ and its full name  is ‘DIAMOOND BANK PLC NIGERIA’.

6. Skye Bank

Skye bank is obviously one of the best banks in Nigeria, but i do not know why they are not  recognized for there efforts. Even with there low customer base when compared to other big banks they still deliver and keep there customers satisfied, i do not have have a Skye bank account but the customers which i have met said that the bank is very good. And also there cards can be used for paypal, online purchases and any other online transactions. I place them at number 6, they deserve it. There SWIFT-BIC-CODE is ‘PRDTNGLA’ and its full name is SKYE BANK PLC


Eco bank is almost like Skye bank, they deliver a lot, but just can not get there deserved commendations, i recently bought a domain cheap with the Ecobank debit card, and i must say that there services are highly commendable. But my problem with Eco bank is there high interest rate for small transactions. There SWIFT-BIC-CODE is ‘ECOCNGLA’ and its full name is ‘ECO BANK PLC NIGERIA’

4. Access Bank

Access bank over the years have really improved, nowadays Nigerians just love carrying out there online transactions using the services of Access Bank . There SWIFT-BIC-CODE is ‘ABNGNGLA’ and its full name is  ‘ACCESS BANK PLC NIGERIA’.

3. UBA

I would simply say that UBA is an amazing bank, but they hate there customers getting too much privileges, when i was about to a open a domiciliary account, i went to a UBA bank to enquire about the procedures, but they told me nothing, and this was because they knew that they would be at loss if they had many customers opening domiciliary accounts. They are good for online transactions and i definitely recommend them. 


2. Zenith Bank

Zenith bank is very good, i will say almost perfect in there services both for local and international transactions. They guarantee a secure means of getting your Adsense payments and there interest rate is not all that much.


1. GT Bank

When it comes to banking in Nigeria, there is just one bank that come into  mind and that is GT Bank. Guarantee Trust Bank lives up  to its name, there protocols and services are well organized. For your online transaction i recommend you use GT Bank for it all. There SWIFT-BIC-CODE is ‘GTBINGLA’ and its full name is ‘GUARANTEE TRUST BANK’




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