7 best on-screen recording Apps for android (2018)

A lot of people especially those who want to start android tutorial YouTube channels have been asking on different forums which android on-screen recorder should they consider, and which one will do the best job for them, and therefore I was prompted by all this questions to bring out this 7 on-screen recording android apps you should consider going for.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ recorder is definitely one of the best screen recorders on the playstore and it comes with a lot of screen record settings which enables you to adjust everything till it matches your taste.

The AZ screen recorder requires no root access unlike some other recorders, it has no watermark and it is also ad free.

This app allows you to record your screen in HD and full HD video quality. It comes with features which includes;

  • Magic button: This is a button which controls your recording without showing anything on the screen.
  • Draw on screen: This allows you to draw symbols or water marks on your videos.
  • This apps also allows you to trim and cut out unwanted part of videos.


2. DU recorder

The DU recorder is another wonderful screen recording app which has a lot of settings and customization tabs which allows you to make your videos awesome.

With over 10 million downloads on the google playstore, the recorder can be said to be a very popular recording app, and it also boasts of features such as live creator which allows you to stream your recordings live on YouTube, Facebook and twitch.

3. ADV Screen recorder

This recording app gives you everything you want in a screen recorder and it is also a free app.

It allows you to trim your videos, set and customize your text, pause recording and it also has so many other awesome features.


4. Screen recorder

Most people like having a screen recorder which can also take screenshots and if you are among those group of people, then this app is all you need.

Your android device does not need to be rooted to run this app, and it also have some features which include unlimited time for audio and screen recording, simple interface, HD screen recording and so many other amazing features.


5. Mobizen screen recorder

Simplicity and a friendly user interface is the trademark of this app, it allows you to record in 1080p resolutions, 12.0Mbp quality and 60Fps.

With this app you are able to record long videos and also putting intros and outros at the same time.


6. Lollipop screen recorder

This app came out the same time the lollipop version of android came out, and like the name implies it is only available on android lollipop.

This app allows you to do the basic screen recording and editing jobs, you can also record audio with it.

7. SCR Pro

This is a free, but well developed screen recording app which offers you all the features you need to create a professional screen record video.

It allows you to edit your videos and store both video and images you recorded.



To be honest here, I have only used the first five recording apps, but these other two came into this list based on what people who have used it told me.

So based on my experience with these apps, if I should recommend any one or two apps to you from here, I will advice you to go for DU recorder or AZ screen recorder.


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