Best internet browsers for android (2018)

Nowadays almost everybody check for one thing or the other on the internet with their smartphones using browsers, and this therefore makes internet browsers one of the most used applications.

As you already know, not all browsers are not the same, one is either higher or lower than the other. So having this in mind I produced this list of the best fifteen (15) browsers of 2018.

Here is the list;

15. Flynx

Flynx is an authority when it comes to multi-tasking and sharing links to social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. Flynx does not occupy much memory space and it also saves you a lot of data.

Flynx is very popular mostly because of its availability in over twelve (12) languages, but it is not liked by much people because it does not have much features when compared to other top browsers.

14. Puffin

Puffin is not all that popular, but it is definitely one of the best browsers for both android and iOS. It is a very fast web browser and also support flash contents.

The puffin browser has features such as on-screen keyboard, ability to block pop-ups automatically and other awesome features.

13. Dolphin

This application is a free browser which is developed by Mobotap, and it is also available for both android and iOS.

It has awesome features which include HTML5 video player, incognito mode, flash player support and many more features.

Dolphin is also one of the few web browsers which has a voice search feature. It also supports intuitive interface and one-tap sharing.

12. Samsung internet browser

This browser was developed by Samsung specifically for their devices, but it is also available for all android device type.

It has over 100 million downloads on google playstore and has features such as game pad controller extension and other good features.

11. Bravo browser

The Bravo browser came out in 2016, and ever since then its number of users have been soaring high. It has features such as ability to block scripts and third party cookies, and it also supports bookmarks, history and incognito mode features.

10. Maxthon browser

Maxthon is available for android, iOS, Linux and Mac. It has very advanced features which can only be found in few browsers and these features include password manager, customization speed dial and it also displays latest news articles.

9. CM browser

CM browser is used by many people due to the level of security it provides. It has very good features which some of them include download protection, ad-blocker, speed dial and many other awesome features.

8. Lightning browser

The lightning browser has a very simple design and comes with features such as ad-blocker, speed dial and it also comes with a lot of in-built themes.

It has a free and a pro version, but the free version is almost as good as the pro version, so you can easily go for the free version.

7. Naked browser

If you want a simple, fast and awesome browser to use, then naked browser should come into your options. It has basic features such as shortcuts, bookmarks, speed dial and history.

6. Chromer

This browser mainly functions as a launcher for chrome custom tabs. It opens links in separate chrome custom tab.

5. Firefox Focus

The Firefox focus functions like the Mozilla Firefox but it provides more of web privacy than Mozilla.

 4. UC browser

This browser has over 500 million downloads on google Playstore, and one of the reasons why people like it is because of its fast download.

It is also available on iOS, Symbian, and windows devices. It has features such as ad-blocking, Facebook mode, night mode and many more awesome features.

3. Opera mini

Opera mini is simply an awesome browser which saves its users from spending much data on surfing the internet.

This browser is very easy to use and also has a good interface. It has features which include news update, night mode, speed dial and many more features.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is available on both desktop and smaller devices like android. It has features which include HTML5 support, Firefox sync, and it also allows multiple panels.

1. Google Chrome

If you want a browser which will satisfy all your requirements then google chrome is the one for you.

With over one 1 billion downloads on google playstore, it comes with features such as HTML5 support, news articles, google translate, safer user experience, faster surfing, google voice search and many other good features which no other browser can offer you.



If you ask me to choose a good browser for you from this list, I will definitely pick the google chrome or Firefox for you, because from this list they are the best.




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