How to easily fix SSL connection error on android

Anybody using an android device must encounter one problem at one point or the other and one of these problems is the SSL Connection Error which is either displayed in google chrome, UC browser or on Firefox.

Sometimes due to this error people panic and end up performing the wrong actions which they think to be the correct solution, but this post is a step-by-step guide on how you can easily fix the SSL Connection Error and also everything you should know about SSL Connection Error.


What is SSL Connection Error?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is an internet protocol which is used to create connection between users and website servers. Its main function is to keep all the information you enter on a website private and properly secured.

With the SSL, every information you enter on a browser ranging from credit card information, username, password, and other vital and personal data are kept safe, secured and private.


Causes of SSL Connection Error

There are many factors which can cause the occurrence of SSL connection errors, but these ones are the most likely to do so;

1. Incorrect device date and time

For a website to establish a secured connection, it would need to access your time and date, so if your device’s time and date is incorrect it might lead to a connection error.

2. Unauthorized SSL Connection

If an SSL certificate comes from an unauthorized source an error may occur.

3. Having a firewall between your android device and the internet

Setting up a firewall between your android device and your internet connection may cause an SSL Connection error.


How to fix SSL Connection Error


Correct the date and time

For some device, when they are turned off or when there batteries are removed, there time may change and become incorrect and this might end up causing an SSL connection error, so always make sure to update your device time and date.

You can also make time update easier by enabling the auto time setting on your device which will automatically set the correct time once you switch on your device.

Another cause of time error is when you change to a different time zone, so always make sure to change your device time to correspond with your current location’s time zone.


Debug internet connection

One of the main cause of SSL Connection Error is poor internet connection. If you are on a 2G connection and you experience this problem, make sure to switch to a 3G connection or a 4G connection.

If after carrying out this step and the problem still continues then take the guide below to reset network data.

  • Go to Backup & reset
  • Tap on the Network setting reset option
  • Tap on Reset settings button
  • Then a notification will come up, then tap on Reset settings button
Clear browsing history and cache

Previous browser data and caches could be a major cause of SSL Connection error, so when you encounter this error it is always advisable to clear your browser cache and history.

To do this, take the following steps;

For Firefox 

  • Open the Firefox
  • Tap the history panel on home screen
  • Tap on Clear browsing history
  • Then tap ok to confirm

For Chrome

  • Open chrome
  • Tap on the three button dashboard
  • Tap on History
  • Tap on clear browsing history


Disable anti-virus

Some anti- virus causes SSL connection errors, so when you experience this kind of connection problems, always make sure to disable your anti- virus software temporarily.

Swap network connection

Using unsecured network such as public Wi-Fi connection may result to an SSL connection error.

So if you are experiencing this SSL connection problem, check if you are an unsecured connection and if you are, then disconnect from it and then retry surfacing with your browser

Update your google playstore Apps

Outdated applications are the major cause of SSL connection error. To update these applications, take the following steps;

  • Go to Google Playstore
  • Tap on the menu button at the left hand side
  • Tap on my apps&games
  • Then you would see a list of all your apps, just tap on the one you want to update and then tap on update icon


Factory data reset your device

If you tried every single option mentioned above, what is left is simply to factory data reset your android device.

But also note that when you factory reset your phone, unless you properly backed up your system files and data you would lose all the files and data on your device.

Steps to take in order to factory reset your android device;

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Backup&reset
  • Tap on Backup my data and enable it
  • Then tap on factory data reset
  • Tap on Reset Phone
  • If your device has a password, input it and then tap on reset



Having the problem of SSL Connection error on your device can really be a challenging issue, as it has happened to me a lot of times but am very certain that once you carry out these procedures listed above, the problem should be solved.


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