15 blog niches that pay very well in Nigeria

Profitable blog niches in Nigeria

Blogging over the years have become a profitable venture especially in countries  like Nigeria, where unemployment is ravishing every sector of the country, to an extent that even the graduates can not even get employment opportunities.

Before anybody who wants to start a blog begin designing or creating his/her blog, that person would always ask him/her self what to be writing in the blog, would it be sport articles, news or any other thing, that is now where the question of blog niches comes to play.

It is obvious that in Nigeria today, every new blogger wants to join the entertainment/lifestyle blogging niche, without even considering other alternatives niches, which also pays well, even to an extent depending on how much effort you put in, you could earn more than the lifestyle/entertainment bloggers.

That is why i came up with this article, so as to help Nigerian bloggers to choose wisely and choose the ones they know that they can work very in.



Just in Nigeria alone, the keyword JAMB gets over 500,000 monthly searches on google, that is to tell you how popular educational keywords are in Nigeria.

Educational blogging is all about writing and posting information and news on various educational topics in Nigeria, and since almost 45% of Nigerians are involved in education in one way or the other, the traffic to your blog would be very high since the niche has a large audience already.

Monetizing and earning from educational blogs would be very simple, since you already have high traffic coming to your blog 


Like a popular adage says, health is wealth. People come online everyday searching for health related articles for one purpose or the other, so if you are health blogger who  always write well articulated and researched posts, and share it, people would always come back to your blog for more contents.

But not everybody can succeed here, because for you to be a health blogger, you have to be someone who can research very well and know what you are writing about.


Five years ago in Nigeria, we almost had no technology related blogs,  but today you can easily find technology blogs everywhere, that is to tell you how popular it has become.

Technology blogs like oscarmini and misstechy earn lots of traffic daily and also earn a lot, so you can also consider this niche.


Sports in Nigeria is just like another religion apart from Christianity and Islam, everyday thousands of Nigerian youths go online, either to search for scores or sports news especially soccer. If you are a serious sport lover, then this niche is specifically for you.


Nigeria is a country full of different people and different dishes. Thousands of Nigerians especially the females go online every month just to search for food recipes and how to prepare those food. If you are the food type, then i advice you to go for this niche.

Make money online

There is poverty in Africa especially in places like Nigeria, everybody is looking for ways to make money whether online or offline, so if you can at least give them the online tips, then much more traffic would come to your blog. 

But do not end up scamming the desperate ones who would consult you, it would only lead to your image being stained, so be warned.


Every Nigerian wants to hear and know of the latest celebrity beefs, gossip and lot more, so if you can provide them with this information, then people will love your blog and keep on coming for more.

But the n umber of entertainment blogs in Nigeria are too much, but if you work hard you get your blog to be one of the top ones.


politics is not only for the old ones, nowadays even young people like me read a lot of political posts daily, so if you are someone who has passion for politics then you can go into this area of blogging.

For your blog to become popular in this area of blogging, you have to be always updated and have eye catching headings.

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Job vacancy/scholarships

Thousands of graduates are searching for jobs online everyday and the ones yet to graduate are searching for scholarship opportunities,so if you can provide this information for them, your blog will become a must visit blog in Nigeria.

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Blogging guide

Just in Nigeria as of 2017, there are over half a  million blogs and over 1,000 bloggers. This bloggers are always searching for help.

Provide this help for them and watch as they continue to come to your blog for more.


Young and old people  go online everyday looking for tips on how to get there crush, impress there spouse and make there girl/boy friend like them more. This is a really profitable niche in Nigeria, just work hard and your results would be positive.

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Nigerian Music

Nigerians love listening to there favorite artistes daily and getting there latest songs and albums, so if you are also a music lover, you can monetize your passion by creating a blog specifically for music news and downloads.

Free browsing tips and cheats

Do you know that Nigerians like free things a lot?, if you can provide them with free ways to go online and download whatever they want to download, then they will be grateful to you and continuously come to your blog.


Nigeria is switching over from petroleum dependence to agriculture and farmers are looking for ways to improve there yields. If you blog on this topic, then be assured of constant traffic,monetization and earning very well from it.

How to

The keyword how to, gets tons of daily search in Nigeria. This is because Nigerians are always searching for ways to do different things.You can easily tap into this niche and earn a lot.

It is now left to you to choose the one you know that suits you best. Do not choose a niche just because it can earn you more, choose the one you have specific knowledge about, because it will help you to write better contents and when people see how articulated your posts are, they will like your blog and keep coming back for more great contents.


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