10 Ways To Monetize Your WordPress blogger

How to make money blogging in Nigeria

Are you a blogger or a person who is trying get into blogging. Well if you are , then this post is meant for you.

One of the main reasons why people start there blogs apart from passion for expressing themselves or the passion to write is also to make some passive or meaningful income from there blogs.

Just in Nigeria alone as of 2017, there are  over a million blogs or media websites in Nigeria and these blogs compete everyday to be able to capture its visitors attention and gain more traffic and views.

But apart from these traffic and views what bloggers consider most is how much they make or they earn at the end of the month or at the end of the year from there hard work.

You might be asking, why is it only WordPress users that this post is meant for since a large chunk of bloggers also blog on blogger platform.

The reason is that blogger does not support certain features which enables most of these strategies to be implemented on your blog. But with WordPress especially with its amazing plugins, implementing all these strategies would be very easy. But if you blog on blogger, you should also read this article because it would be very helpful.

As a fellow blogger like you, i would tell you the truth about blogging

In blogging there is nothing like get rich quick or become a millionaire in one year while blogging.

If you are a blogger and you really want to make it, you have to be very hardworking, dedicated and make sure that your contents contribute positively to people’s life and within a period of time you would see yourself making it.

Without much talks let us see the 10 ways to monetize your WordPress blog.


Become  a wordpress affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing means when you  recommend or display products or items owned by companies or individuals on your blog and when this products or items are bought, you get a commission from the sale.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing programs especially in Nigeria you can join  JUMIA affiliate marketing programs.

Get paid for writing reviews

This is a strategy which only few bloggers implement and it can be very helpful in making you get more revenue and at the same time getting more popularity and traffic to your blog.

For example if you are a tech blogger in Nigeria, you can contact companies like jumia or konga for Africans and Nigerians or amazon for those outside Africa and tell them that you want to be reviewing there products especially there technological gadgets and recommend to your blog audience.

To get accepted you need to have a lot of traffic and views, but all the same give it a try.


Earn money by selling your websites:

One of my friends who is also a blogger does not make money from advertisement or ad space, what he simply does is create websites, establish them and sell them off and make money.

If you are good at building WordPress blogs and websites then you can try this out. You can easily sell the websites on Flippa.

Create exception contents or only subscribed members

When you create great and exceptional contents and tutorials and maybe share one or two, people will like it and they will ask for more. What you simply do is tell them to subscribe to a paid membership forum where you will be sharing more of those contents, and as they subscribe, you earn your money.

Create a job board on your wordpress with paid submission of application

If you are a blogger whose website traffic is very high, then you can easily implement this strategy.

All you have to is meet companies that are looking for people to fill vacant positions and tell them that you want to help them get the needed employees.

What you now is create a job board or forum, where people will submit there certificates to get the job. And before they submit there document they would have to pay you first and thereby you earn your money.

Offer your services

What you can do best, you simply market it. If you can create animations, create websites, you market yourself through your website and you are paid for your services.

Sell your products:

If you have items you want to sell, then your wordpress site is the best place. All you have to do is upload it and if it is bought, you are paid.

Sell meaningful E-books

Create e-books which are meaningful and when people see them on your blog, they would buy it.

Google Adsense

This is the most implemented means of making income for bloggers. But due to its policies and regulations, blogs are either not approved or banned.

But if you are hardworking blogger, then succeeding here would not be a be a problem.

All you have to do is submit your blog for review, if it approved, you begin to show ads and thereby monetizing your blog and earning money.

sponsored posts

This simply means promoting other peoples content on your blog to get traffic to them. All you have to do is negotiate with the interested individuals or companies, then you display there  own contents on your blog and you get  paid by them.

Finally: To succeed with all these strategies, you really need to work hard and remain dedicated.

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