15 Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

Blogging mistakes to avoid

Nowadays everybody is talking about what blogging is and how they can also join in the trend of blogging, just because of the income they see  other pro bloggers make without accessing there capabilities first.

I used to have this friend, who always talked about money from morning till evening, every time you see him either he is talking about making money before he reaches 30 years or he is talking about the lifestyle he will be living after making his money. But this my friend, only looking at him you would pity him, because you would know that he would end up poor.

You may ask why would i say that my friend who talks a lot about money would end up poor, well that is because he is the laziest and most carefree person i have ever met in my life, he knows how to talk but do not know how to work, and that is exactly the problem of most bloggers.

Nowadays most people  want to join blogging or become bloggers, just because they see  or hear of the huge incomes and paychecks the hardworking bloggers are making, without asking themselves if they are really prepared for what is ahead. This is because to make it as a blogger, there are sacrifices you have to make, you must be hardworking, dedicated, patient and most importantly obedient, because if you cannot abide to policies, monetization platforms like adsense will always reject you.

If you really want to succeed as a blogger, these are the 15 mistakes you should always avoid.

  • You are short term minded
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of patience
  • Getting rich quick blogging mentality
  • Your content do not matter
  • You lack creativity
  • You are proud
  • You copy a lot
  • Lack of research
  • You believe you know everything
  • Inability to refine
  • You believe traffic would come to you
  • Inability to collaborate
  • You are not versatile
  • You are lazy

You are short term minded

Most of the bloggers that i have been able to discuss with both faces to face and online, always talk about how they will become rich within 6 months of blogging.

If you are a blogger with this kind of mindset, you will never grow. You will never grow because your focus is not providing help to people, it is all about the money, and if your main focus is in the money, your content which is key to monetization would not speak much volume and once you reach your set target of 6 months and no money is still coming to your bank account, you would give up and your blogging career comes to a fatal end. JUST LIKE THAT!

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Lack of focus

You want to blog on everything without being significant in any one. Before i set up this techmanny.com, i had a long list of things i wanted to focus on, cars, phones, PCs, games, reviews, tech news etc. But after my first two days of blogging on techmanny.com, i knew i was killing my significance in the blogosphere, because writing all those topics would not give me a  voice, so i narrowed it down to blogging and reviews and it has made life easier for me.

Avoid focusing on everything. Choose 1 or 2 niches and fight your way up to significance, because if you focus on everything, you focus on nothing at all.

Lack of patience

I nearly fell a victim in this category. When i initially began blogging in 2015, after like a month of blogging,sharing my posts , i saw almost no traffic, i felt like giving up, but i did not.

Never give up because you have no traffic or because your adsense is not paying you much, instead get encouraged by the circumstances and work harder.

Getting rich quick blogging mentality

I advice you to desist from this mistake, because if you do not make the quick money quickly from blogging, which is impossible except with extra hard work you would easily give up, so avoid it.

Your content do not matter

Avoid telling yourself this adage, because content  is the key to traffic, monetization and everything on your blog. So instead of deceiving yourself, work harder to write better contents always.

You lack creativity

Creativity matters a lot in blogging, because your art or creativity helps you get your audience and makes you keep them. Always make your content more eye catching and better than other bloggers own.

You are proud

Some bloggers are so proud that they can not ask for an opportunity from other bloggers to write guest posts. If you do not collaborate, not much people will know you.

You copy a lot

Copying and maybe refining other people’s content is not all that bad. But when you always copy without refining or adding your own details, you will fail as a blogger.

Lack of research

What makes your blog better than other people’s blog is which is more detailed, always try to research before writing, to make your blog posts better than others.

You believe you know everything

Nobody can know everything, to keep yourself updated always ask questions and make researches to improve yourself.

Inability to refine

If you get some of your content ideas from another blog, always make sure to refine it and make it better by adding your own contents.

You believe traffic would come to you

Never make this mistake. Traffic comes to nobody, rather you look for traffic, by sharing your contents.

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Inability to collaborate

Always ask for opportunities to guest post on other established blogs or your blog will die silently.

You are not versatile

Some bloggers simply give up because google adsense rejected or banned there blogs, if google adsense banned or rejected your blog, then look for other means of monetizing your blog

You are lazy

When bloggers should work hard the most, is when they newly launched there blogs, this is because there is a lot of competitions in every niche, so to get your blog on top, you have to work extra hard.

If you decide to be lazy, then your blog will never grow and one day you would give up!.

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If you really want to succeed as a blogger in your niche and become an authority, then you should definitely avoid all these mistakes and instead do there opposites and you would see much success on your blogging journey.


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