18 free ways to boost your blog traffic

Free ways to boost blog traffic

If you are a blogger, then your main aim is to always get traffic to your site daily. It is obvious that nowadays nothing goes for free, even blog traffic included. Not every blogger or online content marketer has money to start promoting his/her contents through paid networks and services, so this now brings about the question, what ways can you use to promote your contents or boost your blog traffic?.

Here is a list of 18 ways any blogger and online content marketer can boost there traffic without having to pay anything; 

Use tribber

Am not sure most bloggers know what tribber is all about. This is simply an online content marketing forum meant for bloggers, different bloggers come here to share there different blog contents and when they share it, they get more views and traffic to there site, and this forum is totally free to sign up for.

Use long tail SEO keywords

The keyword ‘WordPress’ gets over a million monthly views but the competition for that keyword is very competitive, so if you use long tail keywords which involves up to 3-4 words in which the competition is often low, getting highly ranked on google is always assured.

Make your blog very fast

People like blogs that loads and gives them everything they want very fast, so if you make your blog faster then the more your visitors will keep on coming back.

Promote your blog through email list

If you are a blogger, then make sure to attach an email subscription option on  your site. Always set your email list subscription to always come out in form of a pop-up. This pop-up can be annoying to some users, but it is proven that 10 out of every 100 visitor on your site always subscribes to your email list through a pop-up.

Use Haro

HARO  (Help A Reporter out) is a website, where bloggers can easily submit there posts to reporters and this reporters in turn use it for there columns or articles and then link back to your site, but they only accept specific niches.

Use revive old posts plugin

If you are a blogger on WordPress, then you should definitely use the revive old posts plugin, this plugin automatically re-shares your posts and therefore gets more traffic to your site.

Leave comments on other people’s blog

Going to other top blogs in your niches, commenting and leaving a link back to your blog is  a good way of gaining traffic.

Put top social media share buttons on your site

By adding social media share buttons on your site, your site visitors get to share your posts and thereby bringing more traffic to your site.

Guest post on other top blogs

When you guest post on authority sites in your niche and leave two or more links back to your site, then your traffic surges. All you have to do is meet the blog authors and request for an opportunity to guest post on there blog.

Re-purpose your contents

If you are a blogger, then also try to convert your blog posts to videos and share them on YouTube and other video platform and link them back to your blog.

Write attention grabbing headlines

Your headline is the first thing that grabs your readers,so make sure to make it attention grabbing and also related to the content. 

Promote your posts through YouTube

If you create your posts, also create videos for them and share them on YouTube with link-backs to your blog.

Study your analytics

Know the amount  of people coming to your blog daily or monthly and check for the posts they are searching for more and then write more of those kind of posts more often.

Answer questions on forum

Check out questions that relate to your niche on top forums like quora and nairaland and then answer questions and then link back to your blog.

Share posts on social media platforms

Sharing your posts on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter will always get your traffic going upwards.

Post more often

If you post once a day, you will get a low traffic,but if you post like two or three times a day, then you get more clicks and more traffic to your site.

Get others to write for you  and link back to your blog.

Always res-hare all your posts every month.







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